LilySlim - Weight loss


Super disappointed in myself

Okay so I was doing AMAZING.
I had lost 101 lbs. in about 6months total.
I kept it off for close to a year.
After having gallbladder surgery and sitting on my ass all day every day at the job...I gained a whole 100lbs back. Who lets themselves get to that point? Apparently me...because I did it.
So here I am again. Trying to start this whole process over. To get myself somewhat thin and just healthy again. I don't ever want to see this weight again.
So this right day 2 of healthier eating and back to daily walks. 
I can't stay fat forever.


!!!!!!!!! I'm so EXCITED !!!!!!!

Okay so I'm rarely on here anymore unless it's to catch up on other bloggers posts.
But I just had to come on today and share a little bit of my excitement.
I have now lost 101 lbs!!!!!!!
I have 60.4 lbs left to get to where I want to.
Start weight 321.4
Weight now 220.4
Goal weight 160

I also landed myself a second job which I will be starting in January and I'm happy about it =)


Update and some pics

Ive been going back to my weekly weigh ins instead of Wednesday I'm going on Thursdays. I started the Thursday before last. When i weighed in Thursday i lost 10lbs that first week. So I'm at a total of 94.2 lbs gone. This is beyond exciting for me. I'm so close to that 100# mark. So I'm at 227.2 lbs right now.
Just looking at old pictures and new ones, my face has changed a LOT. I mean the rest of me has too but to see the changes in my face is awesome



Breakfast today consisted of 1/2 C Nut Cluster Crunch 110 calories, 1/2 C unsweet Almond Milk 15 calories, and 1 c coffee with 1 Tbsp SF Pumpkin creamer 15 calories and 4 Splenda

I didn't get pictures of everything but it's alright.

For lunch, I messed up a little bit.
I had half of a hotdog (which I have NOT eaten one in a year or so) 250 calories, 1/2 diet coke, 2 servings of SF Reeses 360 calories.
Let me tell you, I am feeling the pain from eating this shit.
My stomach feels bloated and I feel like I have gas trapped in my throat.
It hasn't gone away all night.

Dinner I had an apple 80 calories, 1/2 of a protein bar 145 calories, 1 protein shake 160 calories, and 1 C Almond Milk 30 calories.

Had a snack at work of two 90 calorie lemon bars...180 calories

Why I did this to myself I have no idea. I'm still at a decent calorie limit but I could have chose things that were better for me. 
Daily calorie intake, 1,345.



While I'm not happy to say I strayed from my "diet" quite a bit I am happy to say in
that time I only gained about 4 lbs. I would be happier if I hadn't gained any...
But that's what happens when you stop doing what you're supposed to right?

I started a job so I'm not just sitting on my butt all the time at home anymore.
It's been hectic working out a decent eating schedule since I go into work at 5:30pm which means I leave the house around 4:30. But I've got to get this figured out because I'm still not happy with my weigh.
I am coming back to blogging and posting pictures of my daily food intake to help get me back to where I was.

I am glad to say though that I'm still about to walk around and play with the kids without getting out of breath like I used to. I fit into a sz 18 jeans now instead of a 28. I can wear an XL shirt instead of a 3X-4X.
I lost over 80 lbs and I know I can lose this last 80 that I want to.

I am back 100% to being determined to do this.
I wish some of the bloggers I was following before were still around but it looks like I'll have to find some new people to help me out with being motivated! 


Clothes? Yuuup

So I've been trying things on lately at different stores...
And it's official I can fit into a sz 18.
Not too long ago here I was in a 28.
It's pretty exciting for me.

This would be me as of today. =)


Over half way.

I know it's been far too long since I've updated.
I'm still here though and I'm still losing weight.
Maybe not as fast as I wish but I'm still doing pretty damn awesome and have come so far!
I've lost 81.4 lbs now in the last 5 months. 
I have 80 lbs to go til I reach my goal of 160.
Which makes me believe I could really pull off losing a lil over 160 lbs in a year.