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!!!!!!!!! I'm so EXCITED !!!!!!!

Okay so I'm rarely on here anymore unless it's to catch up on other bloggers posts.
But I just had to come on today and share a little bit of my excitement.
I have now lost 101 lbs!!!!!!!
I have 60.4 lbs left to get to where I want to.
Start weight 321.4
Weight now 220.4
Goal weight 160

I also landed myself a second job which I will be starting in January and I'm happy about it =)


Update and some pics

Ive been going back to my weekly weigh ins instead of Wednesday I'm going on Thursdays. I started the Thursday before last. When i weighed in Thursday i lost 10lbs that first week. So I'm at a total of 94.2 lbs gone. This is beyond exciting for me. I'm so close to that 100# mark. So I'm at 227.2 lbs right now.
Just looking at old pictures and new ones, my face has changed a LOT. I mean the rest of me has too but to see the changes in my face is awesome



Breakfast today consisted of 1/2 C Nut Cluster Crunch 110 calories, 1/2 C unsweet Almond Milk 15 calories, and 1 c coffee with 1 Tbsp SF Pumpkin creamer 15 calories and 4 Splenda

I didn't get pictures of everything but it's alright.

For lunch, I messed up a little bit.
I had half of a hotdog (which I have NOT eaten one in a year or so) 250 calories, 1/2 diet coke, 2 servings of SF Reeses 360 calories.
Let me tell you, I am feeling the pain from eating this shit.
My stomach feels bloated and I feel like I have gas trapped in my throat.
It hasn't gone away all night.

Dinner I had an apple 80 calories, 1/2 of a protein bar 145 calories, 1 protein shake 160 calories, and 1 C Almond Milk 30 calories.

Had a snack at work of two 90 calorie lemon bars...180 calories

Why I did this to myself I have no idea. I'm still at a decent calorie limit but I could have chose things that were better for me. 
Daily calorie intake, 1,345.



While I'm not happy to say I strayed from my "diet" quite a bit I am happy to say in
that time I only gained about 4 lbs. I would be happier if I hadn't gained any...
But that's what happens when you stop doing what you're supposed to right?

I started a job so I'm not just sitting on my butt all the time at home anymore.
It's been hectic working out a decent eating schedule since I go into work at 5:30pm which means I leave the house around 4:30. But I've got to get this figured out because I'm still not happy with my weigh.
I am coming back to blogging and posting pictures of my daily food intake to help get me back to where I was.

I am glad to say though that I'm still about to walk around and play with the kids without getting out of breath like I used to. I fit into a sz 18 jeans now instead of a 28. I can wear an XL shirt instead of a 3X-4X.
I lost over 80 lbs and I know I can lose this last 80 that I want to.

I am back 100% to being determined to do this.
I wish some of the bloggers I was following before were still around but it looks like I'll have to find some new people to help me out with being motivated! 


Clothes? Yuuup

So I've been trying things on lately at different stores...
And it's official I can fit into a sz 18.
Not too long ago here I was in a 28.
It's pretty exciting for me.

This would be me as of today. =)


Over half way.

I know it's been far too long since I've updated.
I'm still here though and I'm still losing weight.
Maybe not as fast as I wish but I'm still doing pretty damn awesome and have come so far!
I've lost 81.4 lbs now in the last 5 months. 
I have 80 lbs to go til I reach my goal of 160.
Which makes me believe I could really pull off losing a lil over 160 lbs in a year.


Lil Update

It's been awhile since I've updated but life has been busy lately and I don't feel much like being online anymore.
Started dating my best friend of 5 years. So we've been doing a lot with the kiddos lately.
I started a job yesterday and am now working nights.
I've now lost 73.8 lbs.
Lost 8.8 this past week.
Things are going GREAT.
I'm proud of myself for how far I've come in the past 4 months.
I never really thought I could lose weight but to lose this much already is just amazing. And I am HAPPY.


Weigh In

I am down 3.4 lbs this week.
Putting me at a total of 62 lbs lost in 14 weeks.
I am now at 259.4lbs While it's not a great number hell it's so much better than 321.4 lbs

I've gotten some comment from family lately that really just irritate the hell out of me..
I get congrats on the loss so far then I get the whole "I bet it's hard to keep on track" "don't give into any food temptations" You know, it's not hard to keep on track for me. I don't want to be a fatass my entire life. I'm going to stick with this. It's been quite a bit easier to change my eating habits around than I ever thought it  would be. And what temptations?! I don't really have any. I know if I eat bad food or too much food or I don't get off my ass enough...nothing is going to change. So I wouldn't let that happen either. I'm just venting a little bit I guess.

I am beyond excited for tomorrow. We will be going on our camping trip! 


Wednesday Weigh-in

So this week was a loss of 2.2 lbs
Putting me at 58.6 lbs total for 13 weeks.
While I'm still disappointed in how little it is..I am still thankful it was a loss.
So far I have managed not to gain anything.
Start weight- 321.4 lbs
Current weight- 262.8 lbs

I stopped counting calories as much as I did to begin with and I think that is what is causing some of the issue.
So I think I'll be doing it again.
I've realized I take a bite of the kids snacks or food here and there and I'm pretty damn sure
that adds up throughout the day.
So back to making sure I am completely on track.


Saturday's "hike"

Oh my goodness did we all have fun Saturday!
The boys and I met with a church friend and her 2 boys at the park.
We walked about 4miles on the trails with 4 kids 5 and under. 
They did AWESOME!
I am so excited to do this again soon.

Lil bit of picture update as well
week 1 = 321.4 lbs
week 12= 265 lbs


A bit of a catch up

Sunday I go my dad to go on another walk with me and the boys. I really wish he'd do it more often. 
He could benefit from losing quite a bit of weight as well. We went to the park and walked about 3 miles.
We took one of the trails we hadn't been on yet. It lead to an old rock house. It was AWESOME. The kids LOVED it, I thought it was really neat, and my dad liked it as well. He really struggled with our walk though. I think part of that was because he ate junk food before we left. I had a protein bar and some vanilla roasted almonds. I think the kids would have been happy to play round the rock house all day. We saw some snakes "swimming" in the creek. I know there are going to be snakes but it creeps me out still.

After we left the park we headed to the store because I needed to get two things. So I get the two things and we head home..I started making dinner for my dad for Father's Day and go to look up something on my phone. I looked all over and couldn't find my phone. It looks like I somehow left it at the store and now it's gone. I got Sprint to "track" it and it's no where near the store. Soo someone picked it up and took it. Which is fine..My # has a restriction on it now and can't be used until I reactivate it. My phone was cracked (the screen busted), it barely charged. So someone made off with a piece of shit phone. The only thing that I am sad about with losing my phone is the picture I had are now gone..there were pictures of my kids I hadn't uploaded yet =(

We are in the process of planning a family camping trip. We found a great campground in Cherokee, NC.  We'll be gone July 4th-7th. It's not a long trip but it's enough. The boys have never been camping before and they're extremely excited. We've been shopping to make sure we have the things we need to take with us. They're having fun picking out their own stuff to take. I can't wait. I love camping and I really think the boys are going to love it as well! I'm excited to take them fishing and on walks to see the waterfalls.

I still need to add more exercise into my daily stuff. I walk close to every day, I go swimming with the boys quite a bit. But as I'm losing weight it seems like the rounded out gut I had is now turning into a big floppy mess. Maybe trying to work on toning my stomach would help? I'm not really sure. I just know I don't like it!
I also need to work on more muscles in my arms. I have terrible arm strength.


Weigh in Wednesday

I lost 3.8 lbs this week.
This puts me at a total of 54.4 lbs total for 11 weeks.
Start weight 321.4 lbs
Current 267 lbs


New size =)

  I took the boys, my parents, and my little sister on a 2 mile walk today. I know it's not a lot but for my dad it seems to be (and it would have been a lot for me almost 3months ago) We had a good time and saw some baby snakes..thank goodness we didn't see any bigger ones or I probably would have FREAKED out.

   I am proud to say..I bought a new bathing suit today...and it was a size 20! I've now gone from a 28 (if there really is such size as 28) to a 20...that is awesome. I tried on some shorts in a 20 as well and those fit too. I can't wait to be in smaller sizes but I am happy with the progress I have made this far. Going down 4 sizes in under 3 months is awesome to me.


Week 10

Well it's week 10 since I have started this whole weight loss journey..
I am happy to say I have now lost 50.6 lbs.
I am almost 1/3 of the way to my goal and I couldn't be happier.
I lost 8.2 lbs this past week.
Start weight- 321.4 lbs
Current weight 270.8 lbs


Picture Update

Holy shit can I really tell a difference. By the way...excuse the wrinkly shirt, I haven't worn it and it's been thrown at the bottom of my closet. I only got it out to take pictures for comparison.
I may not be anywhere near what I want to be but I am looking better and that is motivation enough to keep me going!


Zoo day

  I have been in such a crappy mood for the past week or so. So I've stayed away from updating this blog at all..Figured no one wants to read all my boohoo shit.

   I am disappointed in myself, I haven't lost as much weight as I would have liked to but I guess I should be happy I lost anything. The past two weeks I have lost 3.2lbs I am now at 279 lbs.

  Today was pretty good though. I took the boys to the zoo (it's about 1.5 hrs from us) Oh my goodness was it nice to walk around without sweating insanely and struggling to breathe. I know part of that is because I stopped smoking...but the other part is definitely the 42.4lbs I've lost! Anyway the kids loved it (which I knew they would..since they always do) We left the house at 8am got there at 9:30. I packed lunches to have with us and a snack. We stayed until 1:30ish. I had to make sure we got back since I had an appointment at 4. Went to the appointment and after that we went swimming =) First time this year. My boys were so excited. All of us LOVE going swimming and could probably spend all day every day at the pool. They are worn out and I am as well.

  Hopefully things will start getting back to being good. I'd like to start losing more weight again and I'd like to have positive things to blog about.



I am...stuffed.
Today I started off with Coffee, 3 Splenda, 2 Tbsp SF creamer and a Chocolate protein Shake
Didn't get the shake in the picture
175 calories total

I had taco salad for lunch and it was beyond good
3oz grilled Chicken. 1.5 pieces lettuce, 1/4 C beans, 2 Tbsp RF Cheese, 1 Tbsp sauce, plus the seasoning on the chicken. This was a total of 216.5 calories. I could probably eat this almost everyday and be happy.

I had an apple and cobly jack cheese
Totaled- 155 calories 

Dinner tonight was just a Yogurt peanut bar and some unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
Totaled- 320 calories
Didn't get a picture of this either...dinner time for the family was hectic.

I made cookies tonight..which I try to refrain from doing but I have TONS of peanut butter I wanted to use up.
They're actually pretty small..
I had two of the ones in the front rows.

I'm thinking it was a HUGE mistake. I now feel a bit sick and I'm wondering if it's from the sugar overload (Since most things desert wise have been sugar free)
They tasted great though and my family liked to send them off with my parents (so they can take them to their work) I will not have these in the house!


So I may have dropped out of the challenge, not on purpose though. Life just got in the way of getting online
daily to post. BUT..I'll be posting pictures again occasionally. 

Coffee, 3 Splenda, 1 Tbsp SF Sweet Italian Creamer- 15 calories
Yogurt Peanut Crunch bar- 290 calories
Diet Mixed Berry green tea- 0

My usual bar and shake plus water- 360 calories

1/2 an apple (gave the other half to the kiddos) 2 Tbsp Cashews- 132.5 calories

2 eggs, 1.5 C salad, 2 Tbsp FF Italian, 2 dill pickle spears, 1/4 c shrimp and Tea with 4 splenda
This looked REALLY good...but when I started to eat it, it tasted really NASTY. Almost like nothing but water. So the only thing I ate from this was the eggs and pickles. I threw the rest of it away. =( I was really looking forward to eating it too.
So I had 140 calories 

1 SF Chocolate pudding and 1 piece SF caramel candy- 92 calories



  My goodness have I slacked off with updating here. I'm almost upset with myself for it. I had taken pictures to post for the challenge but I found myself not getting on the computer so much lately. I've actually been out doing things with the boys and by the time I come home I just want to go to bed!

   I have some good news though. Well good news to me.
I am down another size in jeans!
Went to my weigh in today and I am down 6lbs.
So in 7 weeks, I am down a total of  39.2 lbs.
Current weight- 282.2

Please excuse the weird look on my face/me looking at my phone..
The extremely baggy jeans (they are the only jean PANTS I own and are now 3 sizes too big)
That shirt while it is a bit tight a XL..I don't think I could have even put that around my fatass gut before.


Day #11

I've been gone for most of the day. 
Took the boys to Lowe's to build a mothers day picture frame.
After that we went out shopping.
I got two new shirts that are a 2X instead of a 3X (or not being able to fit into even a 3X)
I am still definitely fat but getting smaller..

Breakfast 8:00am
Yup...used a repeat picture since I didn't take one today
1 C coffee, 1/2 tsp truvia, 2 Tbsp SF Sweet Italian creamer- 15 calories
Chocolate Shake- 160 calories

Used another repeat picture since I ate lunch on the go and my phone was dead =(
Chocolate Shake- 160 calories
Revolution bar- 180 calories
Didn't have the tea I had Unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead- 40 calories

2:30 snack
I had 1/4 C Cashews but didn't get a picture of them- 170 calories

6:30 dinner
Turkey Burger- 200 calories (didn't have my usual ones from Trader Joe's =( )
1 C mushrooms (measured before cooked) cooked in 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce- 30 calories
1.5 C salad with 2 Tbsp FF Italian- 30 calories
1/2 slice Provolone Cheese- 25 calories

I just finished drinking a cup of coffee with 1/2 tbsp Truvia and 1 tbsp SF Hazelnut/1 tbsp SF Vanilla creamer


Day #10

Breakfast was at 7:00am
I had a Chocolate Shake- 160 calories
1 C coffee, 1/2 tbsp Truvia, and 1 Tbsp SFV creamer- 15 calories

Lunch 12:00pm

Chocolate Peanut Butter bar- 290 calories
1/2 Chocolate Shake- 80 calories

Around 1:00pm I had a lite string cheese and diet green tea.- 50 calories.
I felt starving after lunch which is why I ate the cheese. I feel a lot better now though.

Snack at 3:40
 Apple- 95 calories
2 Tbsp Cashews- 85 calories

Dinne 6:30
3.5 oz Cajun seasoned Alaskan Pollock- 90 calories
1.5 C salad with 2 tbsp Lite Ranch- 85 calories
1 C Unsweetened vanilla Almond milk- 40 calories

7:30 snack
SF Chocolate pudding- 70 calories
1/2 serving SF Chocolate- 50 calories

Daily calorie intake 1,110

I had to include this picture of the new pup and Sadie. I think Sadie is starting to get more used to her being around. Before she wouldn't get near the pup. She'd run off and hide.


Day #9

I think today might be another day of going to the park/nature preserve and geocaching.
We didn't go yesterday and the boys were INSANE.
So I think it's best that we go out and do stuff.

Breakfast 7:30am
1 C coffee, 1/2 Tbsp Truvia, 2 Tbsp Sweet Italian Creme- 30 calories
Chocolate shake- 160 calories
1 C Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk- 40 calories

I'm drinking a huge thing of water with green thunder mio.
Okay I have definitely been drinking more water today. My bladder is feeling the effects of it (uggh)

12:40pm lunch
Turkey Buger (frozen from Trader Joe's)
1 C (measured before cooked) mushrooms cooked in 2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
1.5 C salad with 2 Tbsp FF Italian
More water
240 calories for this meal

3:30 snack
1 apple- 95 calories
2 Tbsp cashews- 85 calories

Dinner 6:30
I took this picture after I ate (since I didn't have my phone handy when I started eating)
Chocolate Shake- 160 calories
Honey Caramel bar- 200 calories

That makes 1,035 calories for the day.


Day #8

Toady is weigh in day for me. It's not until later tonight though.
I'm still ready for it! I don't own a scale at home and I don't want one in my I'm curious to see how much I lost (which I know I did since I can now wear a smaller size pants)

Had my weigh in..I'm a bit disappointed. I lost 3 lbs this week. It's better than nothing though I guess..
I'm not sure if it's because I've added some exercise (besides just walking) in and I'm possibly gaining some muscle. Maybe it's the lack of water I've been drinking? I'm not really sure.
3/27/13- 321.4 lbs (start weight)
5/08/13- 288.2 (current)

8:00am breakfast
Yogurt peanut crunch bar- 290 calories
1 cup coffee, 1 tbsp Truvia (waaay too much. I ran out of the individual packets) and 2 tbsp SF Sweet Italian Creme- 30 calories

Lunch 12:00pm
I used the same picture from yesterday since this is what I had today as well.
Chocolate Shake- 160 calories
1/2 Chocolate Mint bar- 95 calories
1/2 Honey Caramel bar- 100 calories

I had an apple- 95 calories
2 Tbsp cashews- 85 calories

I have been drinking iced green tea throughout the day just haven't taken pictures of it (and no I haven't put sugar in it)

6:30 dinner
1 piece of lettuce, 1/8 c RF cheese, 1/4 of a tomato, 4 oz ground turkey, 1 tbsp sauce, and 1 c Almond milk
This came out to 239 calories

Right now I'm having a SF Chocolate pudding
 70 calories

So my daily calorie intake was 1,165.5 (geeze I am apparently having problems adding things up again)


Out for the day

I'm about to get the cooler packed up and get the kids ready and we'll be heading to the park/nature preserve!
I love the trails there. There are quite a few of them and each one is a mile (some are a bit longer).
I think we're going to attempt to do some geocaching too. I think I'm more prepared this time.
So hopefully we'll be able to find some!
The boys are excited but I think I'm even more excited.
I'll be back later today to update with pictures of my meals and probably pictures of our adventures.

Update on today!
It was a GREAT day. The boys were very good. Them being good was VERY rare until recently (and I know it's my fault. When you're a complete fatass that doesn't want to get up/can hardly move without having difficulty breathing it makes it really hard to be a good mother.) Which is why I am making sure I change my whole way of life but that's another story for another day.
We walked a few trails found 3 caches today. We searched for one that we couldn't find (apparently it's been reported as missing) I don't mind going into the woods but I don't care for going into the woods and getting cut up by thorns! Luckily the kids didn't get their legs cut up like I did.
They had soooo much fun. The oldest pretended to be Shaggy (from scooby doo). He was out trying to solve mysteries of the hidden treasure. The oldest pretended to be Jake (from Jake and the neverland pirates). He was trying to find the treasure! They both grabbed a few things from the caches and we put a few things back in them. The oldest was beyond excited to get a lego guy out of one. =) The youngest for whatever reason wanted a bracelet.
They asked me if we could make bracelets when we got home so we can switch out things in the caches another day. So that's what we did..Made bracelets, keychains, and necklaces until it was time for bed. I guess we'll be making them tomorrow too since they cried when I told them to put the stuff up that it was bedtime.

 yup...I'm still a total FATASS

My awesome legs..there's more cuts on the back of them and oh do they burn.