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Breakfast today consisted of 1/2 C Nut Cluster Crunch 110 calories, 1/2 C unsweet Almond Milk 15 calories, and 1 c coffee with 1 Tbsp SF Pumpkin creamer 15 calories and 4 Splenda

I didn't get pictures of everything but it's alright.

For lunch, I messed up a little bit.
I had half of a hotdog (which I have NOT eaten one in a year or so) 250 calories, 1/2 diet coke, 2 servings of SF Reeses 360 calories.
Let me tell you, I am feeling the pain from eating this shit.
My stomach feels bloated and I feel like I have gas trapped in my throat.
It hasn't gone away all night.

Dinner I had an apple 80 calories, 1/2 of a protein bar 145 calories, 1 protein shake 160 calories, and 1 C Almond Milk 30 calories.

Had a snack at work of two 90 calorie lemon bars...180 calories

Why I did this to myself I have no idea. I'm still at a decent calorie limit but I could have chose things that were better for me. 
Daily calorie intake, 1,345.

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