Update and some pics

Ive been going back to my weekly weigh ins instead of Wednesday I'm going on Thursdays. I started the Thursday before last. When i weighed in Thursday i lost 10lbs that first week. So I'm at a total of 94.2 lbs gone. This is beyond exciting for me. I'm so close to that 100# mark. So I'm at 227.2 lbs right now.
Just looking at old pictures and new ones, my face has changed a LOT. I mean the rest of me has too but to see the changes in my face is awesome

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  1. Hey Brittany - you said you wished some of the original bloggers were around. Well, I've been absent but I came back to post my final photos. I know I had less on my "to do" list than you, but check it out and see that I got there.

    Also, I see that you have lost nearly 100 lbs? That's blow-my-socks-off awesome. Great work. Keep up the great work! You should be very proud of yourself for working so hard, and going out and getting what you want. You look great!