A bit of a catch up

Sunday I go my dad to go on another walk with me and the boys. I really wish he'd do it more often. 
He could benefit from losing quite a bit of weight as well. We went to the park and walked about 3 miles.
We took one of the trails we hadn't been on yet. It lead to an old rock house. It was AWESOME. The kids LOVED it, I thought it was really neat, and my dad liked it as well. He really struggled with our walk though. I think part of that was because he ate junk food before we left. I had a protein bar and some vanilla roasted almonds. I think the kids would have been happy to play round the rock house all day. We saw some snakes "swimming" in the creek. I know there are going to be snakes but it creeps me out still.

After we left the park we headed to the store because I needed to get two things. So I get the two things and we head home..I started making dinner for my dad for Father's Day and go to look up something on my phone. I looked all over and couldn't find my phone. It looks like I somehow left it at the store and now it's gone. I got Sprint to "track" it and it's no where near the store. Soo someone picked it up and took it. Which is fine..My # has a restriction on it now and can't be used until I reactivate it. My phone was cracked (the screen busted), it barely charged. So someone made off with a piece of shit phone. The only thing that I am sad about with losing my phone is the picture I had are now gone..there were pictures of my kids I hadn't uploaded yet =(

We are in the process of planning a family camping trip. We found a great campground in Cherokee, NC.  We'll be gone July 4th-7th. It's not a long trip but it's enough. The boys have never been camping before and they're extremely excited. We've been shopping to make sure we have the things we need to take with us. They're having fun picking out their own stuff to take. I can't wait. I love camping and I really think the boys are going to love it as well! I'm excited to take them fishing and on walks to see the waterfalls.

I still need to add more exercise into my daily stuff. I walk close to every day, I go swimming with the boys quite a bit. But as I'm losing weight it seems like the rounded out gut I had is now turning into a big floppy mess. Maybe trying to work on toning my stomach would help? I'm not really sure. I just know I don't like it!
I also need to work on more muscles in my arms. I have terrible arm strength.


  1. A three mile walk is awesome. I really need to get a pedometer. When I walk, I go by time... as in I've walked for an hour today, but I'd really like to know how far I'm walking. I'll have to put that on my shopping list. My family used to go camping when I was a kid. I have so many wonderful memories from those days.

    1. The only way I know how much we're walking is because all the trails at the park have the length of them typed out on the park map. Otherwise I'd have no idea.