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New size =)

  I took the boys, my parents, and my little sister on a 2 mile walk today. I know it's not a lot but for my dad it seems to be (and it would have been a lot for me almost 3months ago) We had a good time and saw some baby snakes..thank goodness we didn't see any bigger ones or I probably would have FREAKED out.

   I am proud to say..I bought a new bathing suit today...and it was a size 20! I've now gone from a 28 (if there really is such size as 28) to a 20...that is awesome. I tried on some shorts in a 20 as well and those fit too. I can't wait to be in smaller sizes but I am happy with the progress I have made this far. Going down 4 sizes in under 3 months is awesome to me.

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