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Slacking off!

Apparently I'm a lot better at writing things out in a notebook than I am with getting online to type it all up.
I've been carrying around a small notepad and jotting down what I eat.
Towards the end of the day I write it all out in detail in another notebook.
I make sure to put how much I ate, what I ate, how many calories it was, how much protein it had, and how much sugar it had.
I was put on a 1400-1500 calories a day "diet" (I know it still sounds like quite a bit right? but compared to what I was eating's a huge cut back) So far it hasn't been too terrible.
I've actually been around 1090-1220 calories a day.
There still times that I'm a bit hungry but drinking a good amount of water seems to get rid of those feelings.
I found better protein shakes (which are pre-made) Premier Protein (chocolate or vanilla) it pretty awesome.
160 calories, 30g protein, and 1g sugar (with no sugar alcohols)

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