I have to start off by saying I am proud of myself for this weekend.
Usually around Easter time (or any holiday for that matter) I make sure to load up on the candy.
I would buy tons of it for myself and sit in my room while the boys were asleep pigging out on it.
But this year I didn't do that! I haven't eaten a piece of candy at all.
My kids have gotten candy from Easter egg hunts and from their grandparents.
They've tried to share it with me and even at times try to shove the candy in my mouth.
But this time..I was determined not to eat any of it.
I honestly thought it'd be a lot harder to stick to my "diet" after seeing that I can do it for a few days makes me more confident that I can do it long term.
It's all about taking small steps (sometimes some huge ones as well)

Usually my family would have a pretty big (and super fatty) Easter dinner. Dad and I would cook it and I'd always bake desert (or multiple deserts).
Not this year!!
-We had sweet potatoes (just baked)
-A small ham with a homemade glaze (not the healthiest choice)
-Fresh green beans (which no one really liked, they taste like dirt)

I made sure to measure out what I was eating so I didn't overeat.
I had a side salad with 2 tbsp lite ranch, 4 oz of ham, and half a sweet potato (about 1 cup) with a small amount of cinnamon and 1/2 a pack of Truvia, and 1/2 tbsp Smart Balance light "butter"

Speaking of my "diet"...
I am supposed to eat two cups of veggies at dinner but I'm having a hard time finding veggies I like.
I can't stand fresh green beans. Canned ones taste better to me. Maybe it's because that's just what I'm used to. BUT! The canned ones have soo much more sodium and I'm trying to stay away from that.
Broccoli is good but, only raw with a bit of lite ranch.
I like carrots I just get tired of eating them everyday.
I guess I need to look up some new veggies.
I guess I really need to look around some more and see what might be good.
I don't want to get tired of the things I'm eating!

I'm going to have to remember to pack my lunch/snacks for tomorrow. I'm taking my two boys and my younger sister to get their pictures taken!
I don't want to get hungry while I'm out and use it as an excuse to get fast food.

I've got to figure out some exercise routine.
Sure being on a "diet" is going to help some...
But I know exercise will help out a lot more!

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