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Today almost felt like Christmas for me!
I got a job shirt (FINALLY) from the Dept.
Yes I am insanely excited about this!
Robbie gave me a pink medical bag. Which I looove.
I also got a gear bag finally!
So my turnout gear can finally fit in one bag =D
Ohhh and we had the helicopter from cmc come to our station today, which was pretty nice.

The boys, the dog and I went for our walk again today.
It's starting to definitely become a daily thing =)
I have to say though it was a bit harder with my sister being back at her house.
The lil one sat in the stroller, the older one walked.
It's awesome to see them get excited about going for a walk, I'm sure they just get excited about it because they know the walk leads to going to the playground. 
Who can blame em for that though...

Tonight I slacked off on dinner
I made a salad with nothing but 2tbsp lite ranch.
1c carrots
I was in a hurry and didn't really want to waste time cooking.
Which I am regretting now! I am super hungry.
I'm definitely not going to eat anything though, just going to sit here sipping my water.

I'd love to get some sleep but it's so hot in my room right now!
It's insane how hot this one room gets.
I think I might need to go sit in some coold water for a bit to cool down or something.

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