Demon Children

My kids were complete demon children today. It's frustrating when you want to get out and walk and they prevent you from that. I know "You should have more control over them" Yadda yadda yadda. I got both boys dressed and put jackets on them since it was morning and a tad chilly (and because the oldest I guess I'll call him Scooby...was sick all day yesterday). Scooby tells me he wants to ride his bike instead of walk so I let him or I try to let him anyway. We get to the corner of our street and he whines and cries that it's up hill and he can't do it (It's not up hill at all by the way) So there's Scooby with his bike struggling, the youngest (I'll call him Monkey) in the stroller whining about not wanting to sit down and our insane dog Sadie. Annnnd then our neighbor stops me, he wants to talk since he hasn't seen me in awhile (this is a guy that I grew up around, always went to his house to play with his daughter). I like the guy, he's nice but I just wanted to go and get to walking! We chat a bit and I'm getting ready to start walking again, of course Scooby has to boo hoo some more. So I make him take his bike back up to the house and he gets an attitude saying he can ride his bike if he wants to and he can put his bike in the backyard if he wants. I had it..I put the bike and the helmet in the shed, put Sadie in the backyard, go in the house and tell the boys to march their butts to their beds and just take a nap. Guess what....They actually fell asleep within 5minutes.

We ended up going on a walk not until 4:45 though. To make my day even more amazing, Monkey shattered the screen on my phone and I cut my finger from it. I have to pay $50 to replace it (probably just the screen) or I have to buy an all new phone both of which I am lacking the funds.

I've really been putting off doing my con ed to keep up my emt certification and I finally did 2 of the tests today. So that makes 5 total that I've done and two more to go. I still have until April 28. I've passed all of them on the first try but didn't score as well as I hoped. Whoever created those tests needed to use spell check or something. Half of the medical terms were spelled completely wrong!

I really need to find something else to do to get exercise in. Walking is great but I know there's so much more I could be doing. I need to find something that isn't going to cost me money either. I am definitely broke for the time being. I guess I'll be looking into finding some online videos or maybe something on-demand..I wonder if there are actually work out videos on-demand. Hmm I'll have to check tomorrow!
Maybe I can get the kids involved in doing some exercise too.

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