I started to type up a new entry last night and got distracted by a few other things going on. I saved it and meant to finish it up this morning but that didn't happen either.

 I feel like crap..my back feels like I pinched a nerve. That didn't stop me from walking today though. I actually made myself jog for a minute then walk and repeat. On the way back home I tried to push it and actually RUN. It felt pretty awesome. I can't wait to get to a point where I can actually run for longer periods of time. I haven't taken to boys the past few days. They've skipped out on naps an I know there's no way they'd make it around the neighborhood without stopping a million times. I guess we need to start walking first thing in the morning again. 

I was a bit disappointed Monday...Sunday morning I put on a few rings of mine (which I haven't been able to wear in awhile) and they actually fit without being tight. I was beyond excited. I go to put them on Monday morning and they still fit but felt a lot tighter than they did Sunday morning. =( Not sure if it was because mother nature decided to show her ugly face or what! I didn't even want to try them on today because I felt I would be disappointed.

 I have to say I am beyond proud of myself. I have not caved into eating/drinking any junk food. I bought some light soy milk yesterday (I've always loved the taste of soy milk but no one else in my house liked it) Feels great to be drinking it again and having something other than water 24/7. You know...it has been 3 weeks now since I've had cookies, candy, ice cream, chips, soda, sweet tea, any kind of pasta, potato (I've had sweet potato though), bread, rice. All the stuff I thought I couldn't live without. Yes there are times I still want to eat the stuff but I know myself...and if I take just one little bite of those things I will sit there and eat the rest of whatever it is until it's all gone. I can NOT afford to do that!! It makes me feel good to have my kids get excited every time I have a weigh in and I can tell them I've lost weight. They tell me they're so proud of me. <3 <3 I just wish I hadn't let myself get this far. But I did and I am in the progress of fixing it and moving forward in my life.

OH yeah! I have another weigh in tomorrow. I'm a tad nervous because I can't see any weight loss in myself this week...But I have been eating healthy. So we'll see =)

Tried this shirt on over a month ago and it was skin tight on me...

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