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Loong day

Today felt like it dragged on forever!
Took the boys and my little sister to get pictures done...
Let's just say I was not too thrilled with how they turned out.
I ended up only ordering one of my boys together and one of my sister.
Did I mention the people were extremely rude?!
After pictures we ran around doing some errands. 

I made sure when I left the house this morning to pack lunches and snacks for myself and the kids.
This helped out sooo much!
Yeah it took some extra time to get everything together..
but it was so worth it.

Dinner tonight consisted of:
-1.5 cups salad with 1/2 cup broccoli, 2 tbsp lite ranch, and 4 oz ham (leftover from Easter!)
-1 cup carrots

I had a nice cup of coffee with 1 tbsp sugar free vanilla creamer and 3 packs Truvia. 
I'm slowly trying to get myself to use less sweeteners in my coffee!

Went for a late walk with my little sister and Sadie (the dog). It was a short (15min) walk but it was late out and starting to get chilly. Sadie was beyond excited! As soon as I grabbed her leash she jumped all over wagging her tail around then came up to me and sat so I could put it on her =)
Looks like these walks aren't just good for me but for the kids and the dog too.

My weekly weigh in is tomorrow and I'm definitely anticipating it.

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