My youngest is sick today =( He woke me up at 6am puking.
He's such a trooper though. Wanted to do all the stuff his brother and I were doing.
We went for a walk and make it about half way of where I want to and he freaks out telling me he needs to poop. There was no where I could take him! 
He cried and cried saying he couldn't walk because he'd have diarrhea. 
Sooo I got to carry him along with walking the dog on her leash.
That is not something I want to have to do again!!
We did end up walking for about 30 minutes though.

I accidentally skipped my morning snack today. =\
By the time I realized it it was lunch time.
Soo instead of my half a shake and protein bar, I had a whole shake (160 calories) and a protein bar.
I almost feel bad about what I had for dinner tonight..
I ate 6 oz brisket (468calories)
1/2 c carrots (35calories)
1 tbsp Gates bbq sauce(17.5calories)
Soo my dinner ended up being 520.5calories =(
It's more than I expected, I guess I should have looked up to see how much the brisket would be before I ate it.
But my daily total was still only 1220.5calories. (I was told to keep it under 1500)
I am NOT using that as an excuse to eat whatever I'd like.
I regret eating that enough as it is..

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