I took the boys to Lowe's today to build. =) They got to make a planter box.  After that we ran some errands and went home. Made them lunch and Aiden wouldn't eat (he didn't eat breakfast either) so I made them take naps since they decided to start acting up. They wake up from naps and I figure we'll go play outside since it's nice...that didn't work out too well. They just wanted to scream and cry because there were bees flying around. I don't get it...They LOVE playing outside. Not today apparently.

 I decided to eat my salad with chicken and italian dressing for lunch instead of waiting until dinner time. So I had a protein bar and shake for dinner. The boys had porkchops and mashed potatoes but neither one of them would eat (again) I'm not really sure what's going on with them and not wanting to eat. Didn't get out to go for my walk today either which I'm pretty bummed out about. I've been doing awesome with getting out to walk everyday. Maybe I'll double it up tomorrow then. I feel so much better after a nice walk. Maybe that's why I've been a grump today.

 I am CRAVING chocolate. Oh my goodness...I don't really know why but I want to just grab a whole bucket of chocolate and eat it all. BUT I am not going to. There's actually no chocolate in my house, the boys are asleep so I'm not going out to the store, AND I just don't want to eat it because I know if I do...I will ruin everything. I am not going to let myself down with losing this weight. So that means...no eating foods I shouldn't be eating no matter how much I want them!!

We had a call today and I decided to respond to it from my house..It ended up being a 13-18minute drive to get there and when I arrive all I see is a fire truck on the side of the road..I missed the house so I turned around to head back and someone else from my station was in front of me..Turns out we got cancelled as soon as we got there (but they never announce it over the pagers) The pt was already deceased so they didn't need our assistance. =( I never like hearing that someone has died but at least it wasn't another dead person that I had to see or that I had to work on. Those ones are though. I think it's just because I'm new to all of this still...

I think I'm going to head to bed a little bit early tonight. I am VERY tired. It's cold and super comfy in my room.

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