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Weekly weigh in

Today was a pretty good day =)
Took the kids, my sister, and the dog for another walk today!
Walked about 30 minutes around the neighborhood, then let them play at the playground, and walked back home  afterwards. So it ended up being about a 45 min walk.
I didn't really notice until today...
I can breathe so much better when I walk now that I quit smoking! (I quit in December)

I don't have much to really say tonight buuuuut...
I had my weekly weigh in today!
I have to say it went better than I expected it too.
Start weight 321.4 (3/27/13)
Today's weight 312.4 (4/3/13)

Okay so I know there's not a HUGE difference. But I can see a small difference in my neck.
It may not be any major change but it's small things like this that make me look forward to losing more weight. =)

I love the people I go to! When I was leaving the nurse looked at me and said "See less of you next week!"
Made me feel good.

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