Gross Veggies

Today I fully planned on getting pictures taken of the boys and my little sister.
That didn't happen =( The picture place we like was closed.
So hopefully tomorrow!
I went on a 45 minute walk with the boys, my little sister, and our insane golden retriever Sadie today.

It actually felt awesome to get out and walk! 
The weather was nice (ended up being in the low 70's here)
I asked a few friends for suggestions on veggies to eat, went to the store and bought what they suggested.
I grilled asparagus, zucchini, and eggplant. It all looked good....
But the taste was horrible!
At least I tried it and even got my little sister to try it as well.
 Maybe I am better off sticking with my raw carrots and broccoli.
Besides the veggies being gross dinner was a success!
I had...
-4oz turkey burger(no bun!) topped with a thin slice of tomato and a thin slice of red onion and a slice of reduced fat provolone
Did I mention...I got my 4 yr old to eat a turkey burger as well! And he LOVED it. =D =D
-1/2 cup carrots
-1 sugar free chocolate pudding (as my snack) 
I used to always make sure I had some sort of snack after dinner...but since starting this "diet" I've tried not to make it a nightly thing even if it is a snack that isn't terribly fatty.
I'm starting to get a tad nervous about my weigh in Wednesday I am hoping to step on that scale and see some weight loss (even if it's just a pound or two!)

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