Pup update and pics

  For starters a little update on the pup (who still has no name). She is doing FANTASTIC! We took her to the vet yesterday just to get some confirmation that what we're doing is best for her and that she's okay. Well they said she is really healthy! =D =D She's about 9 days old now. Almost every flea is gone I've seen one or two) The only thing that concerns me is she doesn't want to eat very often (about every 5-6 hrs) and it varies how much she will eat. I think she'll be ready to open her eyes very soon. You can see her eyelids forming more and there are little tears in the corner of her eyes. I'm excited about this. I feel bad in some ways though..I'm not sure we'll be keeping her we might just be taking care of her until she's old enough to go to a new home. =( My boys are LOVING this little girl though =\

  I have my weigh in tomorrow. I'm not too sure how I feel about it again. My body hates me right now (or it feels like it anyway) I had my period end Tuesday of last week..I had the joy of starting it again today. This is after 6+ months of not having one AT ALL. =\ I just feel gross. And no I am not saying I don't know how I feel about my weigh in because of what I've been eating. Because I have stuck to my "diet" 100% since I started 4 weeks ago.
  I have to say though today I made the boys peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and it was so tempting to take a spoon of peanut butter and just eat it. I went and grabbed some cold green tea instead =)
 Do you notice any difference? I see some..not a whole lot though.
To me...it doesn't look like I've lost 21 lbs.

 ALSO!!! I am excited..I got this shirt below at Kohls. At 321.4 I was having a hard time even finding stuff in a 3x there that would fit me. This shirt is a 3x and it's a little big. (I know a 3x is NOTHING to be proud of but...it does show that I am getting smaller)

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