Rainy day =(

Today dragged on and on and...on some more.
The kids woke me up early!!
I got them some cereal and milk.
I had my vanilla protein shake and a cup of coffee (with truvia and sugar free vanilla creamer)
Got everyone dressed and the dog on the leash..
We got the the corner of our street and it starts raining =(
While I would have walked by myself in the rain, there's no way I would let my kids walk 45 minutes in the coooold rain. They get sick so easily.
We walked back up the street, into the house and that's when the day went to shit.
The boys were insane since they were stuck in the house, the dog went crazy because she wanted outside but wasn't willing to go out in the rain! Did I mention my little sister was a royal pain in the ass as well?!
AND I was disappointed because I was really looking forward to walking today.

Maybe somehow tomorrow I can double my walk.
I have some testing online I need to finish up so I can keep up with my emt certifications but I have been slacking off with those! (luckily I still have until the end of the month)
I should probably be doing those instead of updating this.

I've been keeping my calorie intake under 1200 which I'm kind of surprised at.
I was told I could eat around 1400-1500 and I'd still lose weight.
I just haven't been able to get that high though (which I'm fine with)

My dinner tonight was actually pretty awesome.
I had 
-4 pork & chicken links (170calories)
-2 egg whites (34 calories)
-1.5 C salad with 2 tbsp lite ranch (85 calories)
even had a little desert tonight
-Sugar free chocolate pudding
-70 calories

I was a tad jealous of what my family was eating (at first!)
They had french toast and sausage.
But the bread smelled sooo good.

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