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Day #10

Breakfast was at 7:00am
I had a Chocolate Shake- 160 calories
1 C coffee, 1/2 tbsp Truvia, and 1 Tbsp SFV creamer- 15 calories

Lunch 12:00pm

Chocolate Peanut Butter bar- 290 calories
1/2 Chocolate Shake- 80 calories

Around 1:00pm I had a lite string cheese and diet green tea.- 50 calories.
I felt starving after lunch which is why I ate the cheese. I feel a lot better now though.

Snack at 3:40
 Apple- 95 calories
2 Tbsp Cashews- 85 calories

Dinne 6:30
3.5 oz Cajun seasoned Alaskan Pollock- 90 calories
1.5 C salad with 2 tbsp Lite Ranch- 85 calories
1 C Unsweetened vanilla Almond milk- 40 calories

7:30 snack
SF Chocolate pudding- 70 calories
1/2 serving SF Chocolate- 50 calories

Daily calorie intake 1,110

I had to include this picture of the new pup and Sadie. I think Sadie is starting to get more used to her being around. Before she wouldn't get near the pup. She'd run off and hide.

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  1. Wow that's not much food. If you can survive on that you will definitely succeed !