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Out for the day

I'm about to get the cooler packed up and get the kids ready and we'll be heading to the park/nature preserve!
I love the trails there. There are quite a few of them and each one is a mile (some are a bit longer).
I think we're going to attempt to do some geocaching too. I think I'm more prepared this time.
So hopefully we'll be able to find some!
The boys are excited but I think I'm even more excited.
I'll be back later today to update with pictures of my meals and probably pictures of our adventures.

Update on today!
It was a GREAT day. The boys were very good. Them being good was VERY rare until recently (and I know it's my fault. When you're a complete fatass that doesn't want to get up/can hardly move without having difficulty breathing it makes it really hard to be a good mother.) Which is why I am making sure I change my whole way of life but that's another story for another day.
We walked a few trails found 3 caches today. We searched for one that we couldn't find (apparently it's been reported as missing) I don't mind going into the woods but I don't care for going into the woods and getting cut up by thorns! Luckily the kids didn't get their legs cut up like I did.
They had soooo much fun. The oldest pretended to be Shaggy (from scooby doo). He was out trying to solve mysteries of the hidden treasure. The oldest pretended to be Jake (from Jake and the neverland pirates). He was trying to find the treasure! They both grabbed a few things from the caches and we put a few things back in them. The oldest was beyond excited to get a lego guy out of one. =) The youngest for whatever reason wanted a bracelet.
They asked me if we could make bracelets when we got home so we can switch out things in the caches another day. So that's what we did..Made bracelets, keychains, and necklaces until it was time for bed. I guess we'll be making them tomorrow too since they cried when I told them to put the stuff up that it was bedtime.

 yup...I'm still a total FATASS

My awesome legs..there's more cuts on the back of them and oh do they burn.


  1. Have fun geocaching!! We haven't tried it in a while, need a better GPS! Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day!