LilySlim - Weight loss


Day #5

Started my day bright and early...

Breakfast was at 7:00am
1 cup coffee with 3 truvia, and 1 tbsp SF vanilla creamer- 15 calories
Choco peanut butter bar- 290 calories

Lunch 1:00pm
I had 1/2 of the shake- 80 calories
1/2 of the Chocolate Mint bar- 95 calories
1/2 peanut butter caramel bar- 100 calories

Snack 3:30pm
I had half of an apple (gave my oldest the other half)

Dinner was at 5:50pm
1 piece lettuce- 1.5 calories
4 oz white ground turkey- 130 calories
1 Tbsp sauce- 5 calories
1/8 c RF cheese- 45 calories
1 Tbsp FF sour cream- 12.5 calories
1/2 a tomato- 8 calories
Seasoning on the turkey- 15 calories

Decided to have some coffee and chocolate this evening (It's FREEZING and raining here!) =(
I had 1/2 the serving of SF Chocolate- 50 calories
SF Chocolate pudding- 70 calories
1 C coffee, 4 truvia, and 1 Tbsp of each creamer- 30 calories

Total for today- 994.5 calories


  1. I've found that using lettuce vs. bread/taco shells etc. helps shave off so many calories from my day!

    1. I normally would have used a tortilla shell but I wanted to try this out. It was pretty good would have been better if I had eaten when the meat was hot! But it did def. keep the calories down.

  2. How do you like the truvia? Does it have an aftertaste like the other sweeteners? Just curious!

    1. I really like it. It has a small aftertaste but I don't think it's anywhere near as bad as splenda/equal/sweet n low. I haven't tried any others but those.