LilySlim - Weight loss


Day #8

Toady is weigh in day for me. It's not until later tonight though.
I'm still ready for it! I don't own a scale at home and I don't want one in my I'm curious to see how much I lost (which I know I did since I can now wear a smaller size pants)

Had my weigh in..I'm a bit disappointed. I lost 3 lbs this week. It's better than nothing though I guess..
I'm not sure if it's because I've added some exercise (besides just walking) in and I'm possibly gaining some muscle. Maybe it's the lack of water I've been drinking? I'm not really sure.
3/27/13- 321.4 lbs (start weight)
5/08/13- 288.2 (current)

8:00am breakfast
Yogurt peanut crunch bar- 290 calories
1 cup coffee, 1 tbsp Truvia (waaay too much. I ran out of the individual packets) and 2 tbsp SF Sweet Italian Creme- 30 calories

Lunch 12:00pm
I used the same picture from yesterday since this is what I had today as well.
Chocolate Shake- 160 calories
1/2 Chocolate Mint bar- 95 calories
1/2 Honey Caramel bar- 100 calories

I had an apple- 95 calories
2 Tbsp cashews- 85 calories

I have been drinking iced green tea throughout the day just haven't taken pictures of it (and no I haven't put sugar in it)

6:30 dinner
1 piece of lettuce, 1/8 c RF cheese, 1/4 of a tomato, 4 oz ground turkey, 1 tbsp sauce, and 1 c Almond milk
This came out to 239 calories

Right now I'm having a SF Chocolate pudding
 70 calories

So my daily calorie intake was 1,165.5 (geeze I am apparently having problems adding things up again)


  1. I bet you'll see a number you like. Clothing size is more important, and you've already got that one. I see you've been eating almost nothing, so there's no way you can't win.

    1. I know it looks like I haven't been eating very much but the bars/shakes I have for breakfast and lunch fill me up (honestly no lying here). I eat a decent sized dinner.

  2. I LOVE the owl mug!!

    I think clothing is a much better way to track your progress!

    1. Thank you! I've found all the owl mugs I have so far at Marshalls/ Tj max. They're only $3.99. It might be a better way to track progress now. When I first started that was a bit harder. I was losing weight but still couldn't fit into a smaller size (keep in mind I owned one pair of jeans in a size 26 that fit all other 26's were too small)

  3. I gotta ask - how come you don't own a scale?

    1. I didn't own one to begin with because I didn't know they had scales that went up to my weight (I was 321.4 when I started). As for now..I'm content getting weighed once a week.

  4. 3 lbs sounds great to me!!! At the glacial rate of weight loss for me, I'm happy w/0.5 lb per week, and THRILLED w/anything more than that...

    1. I know it's not a bad amount it's just not what I was expecting! The first week I lost 9lbs, 2nd- 7lbs, 3rd- 5lbs, 4th- 3.2lbs, 5th- 6lbs, then 3lbs.

      I knew why I only lost 3 on my 4th week but this week I wasn't 100% sure.