So I may have dropped out of the challenge, not on purpose though. Life just got in the way of getting online
daily to post. BUT..I'll be posting pictures again occasionally. 

Coffee, 3 Splenda, 1 Tbsp SF Sweet Italian Creamer- 15 calories
Yogurt Peanut Crunch bar- 290 calories
Diet Mixed Berry green tea- 0

My usual bar and shake plus water- 360 calories

1/2 an apple (gave the other half to the kiddos) 2 Tbsp Cashews- 132.5 calories

2 eggs, 1.5 C salad, 2 Tbsp FF Italian, 2 dill pickle spears, 1/4 c shrimp and Tea with 4 splenda
This looked REALLY good...but when I started to eat it, it tasted really NASTY. Almost like nothing but water. So the only thing I ate from this was the eggs and pickles. I threw the rest of it away. =( I was really looking forward to eating it too.
So I had 140 calories 

1 SF Chocolate pudding and 1 piece SF caramel candy- 92 calories

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