Day # 2.

I am so disappointed this morning! I had an awesome trip planned to a local park/nature preserve with the boys. Woke up to rain =( and it's SUPER cold.
I'd hoping it'll warm up and stop raining towards the afternoon.

Had breakfast at 8:30 today. We woke up a tad bit later than normal.
(My back feels sooo much better, I slept on the floor last night next to my oldest since he woke up having nightmares)
Chocolate Shake 160 calories
1 Cup coffee, 3 truvia, 2 Tbsp SF Hazelnut creamer 30 calories
16 oz water (give or take) with some mio fit.

It's so cold I decided to have another cup of coffee
1 Cup coffee, 3 truvia, 2 tbsp unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Lunch @ 1:00pm
Turky Burger (frozen from Trader Joe's) 180 calories
1 cup white mushrooms (measured before cooked) in 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 Cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk 30 calories
1.5 c salad with 2 tbsp fat free Italian 30 calories

Snack at 4:00pm
Apple- 95 calories
RF Colby jack cheese- 60 calories
Watermelon punch fruit water (I meant to get strawberry kiwi =( )

Went for a walk with the oldest and our dog. Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer so we can go to the park/nature preserve. I think they'll love it. And my new shoes LOVE them.

I had a desert tonight I just felt like I needed it.
I had 3 pieces of this sugar free chocolate.
It's sooo much sweeter than I expected.  100 calories


  1. Hello,

    I came over from Allan's blog to say way to go on the food photo project(and congratulations on your recent loss)! I love almond milk. I'm having the same in my coffee this morning.

    Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thank you! I love almond milk yesterday was the first time I tried it in coffee and I can't say I really cared for it. I think I'll be sticking to sugar free creamer.

      Hope you have a great day too! =)