I am...stuffed.
Today I started off with Coffee, 3 Splenda, 2 Tbsp SF creamer and a Chocolate protein Shake
Didn't get the shake in the picture
175 calories total

I had taco salad for lunch and it was beyond good
3oz grilled Chicken. 1.5 pieces lettuce, 1/4 C beans, 2 Tbsp RF Cheese, 1 Tbsp sauce, plus the seasoning on the chicken. This was a total of 216.5 calories. I could probably eat this almost everyday and be happy.

I had an apple and cobly jack cheese
Totaled- 155 calories 

Dinner tonight was just a Yogurt peanut bar and some unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
Totaled- 320 calories
Didn't get a picture of this either...dinner time for the family was hectic.

I made cookies tonight..which I try to refrain from doing but I have TONS of peanut butter I wanted to use up.
They're actually pretty small..
I had two of the ones in the front rows.

I'm thinking it was a HUGE mistake. I now feel a bit sick and I'm wondering if it's from the sugar overload (Since most things desert wise have been sugar free)
They tasted great though and my family liked them..now to send them off with my parents (so they can take them to their work) I will not have these in the house!

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