Day #7

Today is going to be an awesome day at the park.
The boys and I will probably spend a few hours there. I want to take our dog
but it's hard to handle her and the boys by myself. She seems upset with me lately =(
Since I've been taking care of the new puppy (having to bottle feed her) Sadie (my dog) seems to be REALLY jealous. It makes me feel bad.
This is the new pup (She's only a few days over 3 weeks old now) She's HUGE already. It was hard to get her and my oldest to sit still!!

7:00am breakfast
Chocolate Shake- 160 calories
1  C coffee, 3 Truvia, 1 Tbsp SFV creamer- 15 calories

We ate a pretty late lunch 2:00pm

Chocolate shake- 160 calories
1/2 Chocolate Mint bar- 95 calories
1/2 Honey Caramel bar- 100 calories

Ate a snack around 4:00pm
I was insanely hungry after all the walks through trails we did today. =\
Apple- 95 calories
RF Colby jack cheese- 60 calories

Had dinner around 6:30pm
1 cup coffee, 3 truvia, 1 Tbsp SFV creamer- 15 calories
4 pork/chicken "sausage" links- 170 calories
1 cup (measured before cooked) mushrooms- 20 calories
1 slice ultra thin mild cheese- 45 calories
2 egg whites and 1 whole egg- 104 calories

Total calories for today 1,039


  1. I really love your owl mug! So cute! Those shakes are the only protein shakes I can tolerate, yum! I'm excited for your day, I've always wanted to take my kids geocaching! I look forward to hearing how it goes!

    1. Thank you! I love owls. They're the only shakes I like. I've tried. I got 3 gift packages from the company in the mail the other day (I was beyond excited) I'll be posting pictures and updating on how the geocaching went in a minute!

  2. Puppy is too cute!!! ALMOST makes me want one! ;)

    1. LOL! I wasn't really wanting her but someone said the mom left her under their house and she never came back to take care of the pup. They weren't able to care for her anymore so since I'm a complete sucker I went and picked her up. LUCKILY she is no longer being bottle fed.