Zoo day

  I have been in such a crappy mood for the past week or so. So I've stayed away from updating this blog at all..Figured no one wants to read all my boohoo shit.

   I am disappointed in myself, I haven't lost as much weight as I would have liked to but I guess I should be happy I lost anything. The past two weeks I have lost 3.2lbs I am now at 279 lbs.

  Today was pretty good though. I took the boys to the zoo (it's about 1.5 hrs from us) Oh my goodness was it nice to walk around without sweating insanely and struggling to breathe. I know part of that is because I stopped smoking...but the other part is definitely the 42.4lbs I've lost! Anyway the kids loved it (which I knew they would..since they always do) We left the house at 8am got there at 9:30. I packed lunches to have with us and a snack. We stayed until 1:30ish. I had to make sure we got back since I had an appointment at 4. Went to the appointment and after that we went swimming =) First time this year. My boys were so excited. All of us LOVE going swimming and could probably spend all day every day at the pool. They are worn out and I am as well.

  Hopefully things will start getting back to being good. I'd like to start losing more weight again and I'd like to have positive things to blog about.

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